Monthly Archive: November 2001

Nov 27

Rituxan #3

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On Saturday, 11-24-01, the physical therapist came by again and we reviewed the exercises she taught me on her first visit and showed me some new ones to help me with my balance. Things seem to be going well for me on that front as I STILL haven’t had to use the wheelchair or walker …

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Nov 23

Thanksgiving 2001

The week between my second Rituxan treatment on Friday, 11-16-01, and Thanksgiving Day on the 22nd found me getting stronger by the day. On Saturday, 11-17-01, a Physical Therapist came by the house to see how I’m doing with the wheelchair and walker, dealing with bathroom needs and generally assessing the house and what I …

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Nov 17

My Second Rituxan Treatment

On Friday, 11/16/01, I got my 2nd of 4 Rituxan treatments. It went well and I had no sickness or side-effects this time at all. The day started out early. Mom picked me up for the trip to St. Joseph’s about 6:30 AM for my 7:45 AM appointment. She was working out how to get …

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Nov 13

Home Again And Feeling Better

Anyway, the rest of my stay at St. Joseph’s was great and they got me stronger by the day and in a week I was back home and making very short trips walking around the house without using a walker or wheelchair. That was 11/12/01. Today, 11/13/01, my wheelchair and walker were delivered. I haven’t …

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Nov 12

More Time In The Hospital

A day later, I was getting blood drawn so that a doctor could assess my condition after the trip. The day after that, the doctor looked at my blood results and examined me and put me back in the hospital again to recuperate from the trip and to get started towards a treatment for my …

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Nov 11

Back To Detroit

They’d been telling me all along that I need to call my family in Detroit to tell them I was in the hospital, deathly ill, but I refused to do so until they could tell me what was wrong or that I would need a casket fitting. I just couldn’t call home and say, “I’m dying and they don’t know why – I’ll let you know as soon as I find out anything more.” I knew that would just cause a big panic and I didn’t want that. So I held back on informing anyone till I could get a better handle on what to say. I wanted to be able to say something positive.

Nov 10

How I found out I have cancer

It all started in October of 2001 when I thought I was coming down with a cold or the flu. I get that every year in the fall when it’s going around, so I did what I always do. I bought some over the counter meds like Alka-Seltzer Plus and Comtrex. Only this time they didn’t seem to work. Instead of feeling better, I just felt worse every day. A lot worse.