Monthly Archive: December 2003

Dec 30

Nuke Me!

December 30th, 2003. Today I went to get my Nuclear Heart Scan, also known as a “MUGA”. Here’s a page about it: Nuclear Ventriculography

Dec 18

The Party’s Over

Big Grin smiley in Santa hat

December 18th, 2003. Today I went back to the doctor to see what the test results revealed. The short version is, the remission is over, there’s a 4″ mass in my abdomen, and I’ll start Rituxan and chemo soon.

Dec 11

Check Please

December 11th, 2003. I went to see my new, local (San Francisco area) doctor yesterday to get my checkup. It was pretty much preliminary though, and there are tests Dr. da Roza will need to run to really dig in and see if he can find out if my remission is waning. We talked a …

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Dec 03

2 Years

Cartoon Character by Buck Cash

December 3rd, 2003. Well, it’s been about 2 years now since I first got sick, almost died, and was diagnosed with a terminal cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It gives me great pleasure to report that I’m still here! A lot’s changed since then, but mostly, my attitude and views about life itself have been transformed. …

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