Monthly Archive: January 2004

Jan 29


Interesting apparatus, eh?

January 29th, 2004. Here we go with Chemo treatment CHOP #2, so take one of the cushy chairs, sit back and see what happens! I’ve got some pics this time so you can see me getting it, and in particular, so you can see the bright red chemical I described in my earlier update.

Jan 28

Going, going…

photo of balding Buck

January 28th, 2004. Ever since I got CHOP chemo #1 of this series (three weeks ago tomorrow) I’ve been seeing more and more hair in my comb each day. First, there was a burning sensation on my scalp. I figured it was probably my hair follicles going whacko on me, indicating it was about to …

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Jan 14

Round Two

January 14th, 2004. I went back to the doc today for a quick checkup, blood draw and analysis, and to get the next part of my schedule. Mom’s out here now, so she went to meet the doc and his staff, who she agreed are all very nice people.

Jan 08

CHOP It Out!

January 8th, 2004. My first CHOP chemo treatment was today and everything went just fine. Right off the bat, I didn’t get lost. Hehehe… I went right to the doctor’s office this time, and got there early. I only had $20 bills on me, and my co-pay is $30, and she didn’t have a way …

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Jan 07

Rituxan Shock!

January 7th, 2004. Today I went to get a Rituxan treatment, and what a ride! The first thing that happened was I got lost. Last week, I went to the hospital for my MUGA scan, and I just thought the Rituxan treatment would be in the same place, so I went there. They directed me …

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