Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 30

Are Corporations Psychopaths?

FOX Burning Building Story, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. I just spent 3 hours watching one of the most eye-opening documentaries I’ve ever seen. Watch it in bits and pieces or watch it all at once, but please… WATCH THIS.

Jun 28

Joe American Speaks

Joe-American, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Joe American has spoken out, and boy is it GREAT! Well, it is until you actually start to think about what he says, do some research, and realize he’s probably a shill for big oil, big money, right-wingers, or all of the above. Okay, so this Joe American video …

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Jun 22

Working on my web site

Buck at Work, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. I got a reminder the other day that my web site had a birthday. It turned 12 years old. In that time, it’s grown from a couple of little pages of HTML hand-coded in Notepad to a monster of hundreds of pages and 13,508 files, and growing. …

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Jun 13

Cedar Rapids Flood

Cedar Rapids Flood-0166, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Well folks, just by coincidence, I’m right in the middle of one of the biggest disasters going on right now; the Great Flood of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and it is DEEP! I got out on a long hike and had a look around today, and the downtown …

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Jun 13

Cedar Rapids Underwater

Flooded Road 0029, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. By now most people who are paying any attention know that Cedar Rapids, Iowa is underwater since it’s all over the national news. Last I heard it had already beat the record around here by 6 feet and was still on the rise. It’s got traffic messed …

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Jun 09

Welcome to Iowa

Iowa Line 8617, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Just a quick note to say that I made the trip from Kansas City to Cedar Rapids, Iowa today and I’m all tucked in safe and sound at the motel.

Jun 01

Kansas City

Kansas City 8554, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. I made it safe and sound to Kansas City to get some training at our corporate offices before heading off to the next job site. I’m only scheduled to be here a couple of weeks, so I’m taking in a few sights while I can. It’s a …

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