Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 27

A week’s Delay on the Chemo

Buck 2460, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. I was scheduled to be admitted to the hospital for my next round of R.I.C.E. Chemo this past Tuesday. Before I get admitted though, I get labs done, then see the oncologist. The labs showed that my platelets are low, so Dr. Vermuri thought it best if we …

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Sep 19

Casey and Mark introduce Michael

Michael-44, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. My grandson Michael was born yesterday, September 18th, 2012. Yay! Mom and son are healthy, happy and terrific! On Monday, I went in for another MUGA scan. On Tuesday, I had labs, then a visit with Renae, who noted that my counts were WAY low. With that, Candace and …

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Sep 13

Out of bed – Energy’s Good!

Hospital 4699, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. A few days ago, on Monday the 10th, I went in for a blood draw/labs, a shot of Neulasta as part of my chemo treatment, and a visit with nurse practioner Renae. An hour before I go to get blood draws for labs to be run, I put …

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Sep 08

First R.I.C.E. chemo complete

Bald Eagle 1269, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Spent 3 days in the hospital getting another round of chemo (R.I.C.E.), and got home last night. Feeling just a little nauseated, but not enough to need any special meds to deal with it. Saw a bald eagle flying around over the bay from my 3rd story …

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Sep 04

The Day Before RICE Chemo

Yellow Flower 2040, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Went in for a follow-up visit with the infectious disease doctor today about the bug I had in my colon that put me in the hospital last time. He put me on a new med for the next month and said everything’s looking good. Also got labs …

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