Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 26

What’s your favorite dressing?

Buck Dressing Change, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. I like Bleu Cheese. Second choice is Italian, then Ranch. But today’s dressing of the day is the one that keeps the site clean and covered on my tri-catheter entrance into my chest. Saw the doctor today and all went well. He gave me an exam and …

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Nov 20

A slight delay

father son retire 5994, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Saw the doctor and someone from Pharmaceutics yesterday. The Pharm guy explained all about my upcoming chemos and stem cell transplant; What they are, how they’ll be administered, what side effects to expect, etc. It was all pretty straightforward, fairly familiar territory for me by now. …

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Nov 17

Stem Cell Collection

Stem Cell Collector 0317, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. So, I’ve been pretty busy since the last update! With my memory like swiss cheese lately, I completely forgot to collect the urine for testing starting on the 8th, so that will actually start tomorrow, Sunday, 11-17-2012, to be turned in on Monday morning at The …

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Nov 01

Transplant Schedule Determined

Pulmonary Testing Booth 0203, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Yesterday, I had to go in for several tests at Karmanos so that the doctor could determine what, how and when my stem cell transplant would proceed. I had chest X-Rays, a full set of Labs, echo-cardiogram, EKG, and a pulmonary exam. The phone booth looking …

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