Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 21

Colonoscopy Day

Polyp 0116, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Okay, so today I had my first ever colonoscopy. Seeing as how I’m 54 years old, it’s a common thing for guys my age anyway, but mine was triggered by something spotted on my recent PET scan, which was a follow-up to my Stem Cell Transplant for my …

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May 10

PET Scan Results

Egg Coloring 3280, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Went to see the Doctor on Wednesday to go over the PET Scan results. To get straight to THE point, no cancerous activity spotted, so the remission is ON, BABY! It did show a couple other areas of activity though. One was my sinuses, which are showing …

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May 03

PET Scan

Stranded Spider 2282, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Well, here we are a couple months after my last post. Not much has happened medically in that time, until yesterday, when I had another PET Scan. It’s an easy procedure; Go in, get an IV, they inject the radioactive isotope marker into the bloodstream, give you …

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