Aug 08

Adventure Man!


Hi everyone! Didya miss me? LOL! Well, I guess I’m just hard to catch! Especially with my new backpack strapped on, I’ve been off and RUNNING!

Image of Buck hiking

I’m still doing fantastic here, and I’ve been off having adventures this summer with my daughter, Casey. You might recall from the last update that I had a BIG adventure planned, but it was a secret, so I couldn’t tell you about it at the time. Well, now that we’ve been on it, I can tell you all about it, and I’ve got LOTS of pics from it as well.

I’ve put it all on another page, but here’s the short version: We toured the entire scenic, beautiful, fantastic West Coastline along Route 1, then shot over to visit Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Here’s the route we took:

Map of Buck and Casey's adventure 2004

Now THAT’S living! It was exhilarating, awesome and FUN!

My next doctor appointment for a checkup is about a month from now, and I expect that he’ll find I’m doing just fine still. I figure I’ve got a year or so before I’ve got to do the chemo shuffle again, and until then, I’m gonna be tearing up the countryside, seeing the sights and shooting photos, laughing and playing all the way! (So don’t expect to find me sitting around at my computer playing with emails and instant messages much! I’ve got a LIFE to LIVE! ;))

Okay, that’s about it for this update. The REAL journal entry on this chapter in my life is on the page with all the pics from the Big Adventure 2004! CLICK HERE to get to it!