Feb 23

ALIVE from San Fran to Sedona

Hi there everyone! Didja miss me? LOL! Well, I know some of you did, because you’ve been emailing and calling me lately to get my Blog updated and let you know what’s going on. And I know that some of you haven’t missed me at all, as I got plenty of emails and such giving me a ration of irrational diatribe over some of my earlier Blog entries and a few other things that can be found on my site. Hmmm… Well, at least I’m getting your attention. Hehehe…
Speaking of which, I think some folks really need to learn to lighten up a little and not take things so personally, especially when it comes to politics and religion. They’re just opinions, after all, and everybody’s got them. I just don’t think it needs to be a big secret what I think, and I don’t think sharing my thoughts warrants burning me at the stake. Can’t we all just get along, even with differing opinions? Okay, I don’t much like our current administration or it’s policies. What’s the big deal? It’s not like I’m trying to overthrow the government or burn your houses down! Aren’t we allowed to express our views about that stuff anymore? I thought that was a big part of what all this “American Freedom” stuff was all about! A lot of good Americans fought and died for those rights, after all. Shouldn’t we honor them by embracing those rights and enjoying them? I mean, what good are they if we don’t use them? I have a right to vote, so I vote. I have a right to free speech, so I express my thoughts. I have a right to choose any religion I want, including none at all, so I do. You get the idea…
And yes, you have the right to write nasty things to me because I offended you somehow along the way. Maybe you’re upset because… I didn’t vote the way you did; Because I don’t like a president you love; Because I don’t support a war you do; Because I support the separation of church and state; Because I don’t believe in your god(s); Because (insert reason here). Yes, feel free to write nasty things to me because of any of those, or any other reason. Be my guest. Lash out if you must. But wouldn’t it be better if we could just DISCUSS them instead, and maybe learn something from each other? How bad could that be? What say we give it a try, hmmm?


NEWS FLASH!! CANCER UPDATE!!: I’m still in remission and doing great here. My next doctor visit isn’t scheduled until April 25th, and I suspect I’ll be okay at least until then. I feel terrific! ;>) There’s not much more to say about it other than that. I’m living and loving life here in beautiful, rain-soaked San Francisco!

I put up a new page recently on my web site. It’s the genealogical story of my Cash roots. I’ve been researching it for about 10 years now, and recently got a big piece of the puzzle from a distant relative named David Bennett who’s also been working on it. I tip my hat to him big time for uncovering a long hidden treasure trove of information, and for his detective work in putting it all together. It starts out in Scotland in about the year 1160 with one of my ancestors, King Malcolm, and I think it’s pretty interesting. Anyway, here’s the page:

I finally broke away from work for a few days to have a little adventure too. My friend Laurie and I took a road trip to Sedona, Arizona, and what a GREAT place that is! It’s hard to really describe just how beautiful it is there, but if you’re ever looking for a terrific vacation destination, you really need to check it out. Meanwhile, here’s a link you can click on to get an internet ‘visit’:

We shot a bunch of photos while we were there, and I’ll get some of them online soon in the photo album on my main site, so check in from time to time, and check ’em out.

So, that’s about it for now I guess. Back to the grindstone for me. I’ll probably be putting in some really long hours in some really long days for at least the next few weeks, but it’s all good. Hey, at least I sleep well and it keeps me out of trouble – mostly! ;>)

Until next time, take care and keep in touch. It’s really easy to do, you know. You can leave a comment here or in the guest book on my main web site, or just hit me up with an email once in a while. Speaking of which, someone help Mr. Agnetti email me! I want to email Granny through him!



  1. Jason Edwards (Wasilla, Alaska)

    I have no clue how I got here, I was looking up cable construction jobs, found your page, then I clicked on link after link and read your story. We are kinda alike (Job wise), but we are different politically, I’am independant conservative, I love our president, I’am Catholic, don’t go to church though, and I believe in the war, but I don’t hate you cuz we believe different and people who do are just confused and ignorant people, sorry to hear that people are writing nasty emails. I read a little on your cancer, thats cool you are staying strong and full of life. I liked your cable page, granted I do underground cable construction, but the pay is great and its a fun job, also I just started doing it last year and in 2 months made a great income and learned alot, even got to operate the excavator. Anyways this email really has nothing to do with anything other then I seen the comment box and clicked on it, so take care, hope your cancer gets better or doesn’t dampen your life to much. Later

  2. Vincent

    Hey Buck, just thought I’d leave you a quick message. I’m a 22 years young guy from The Netherlands who just read bits and pieces from your old cancerlog. I have NHL as well, and I’m starting my CHOP tomorrow. I also have back pains and I sweat a lot at night too, I’m in stage 4, and I have a Canon dSLR as well :)
    Just like you I’m not at all depressed about it and I’m treating it as just another disease that requires treatment. I particularly enjoyed your writing about how it’s expected of you to feel depressed about it, and about the depressing videos. I get a lot of email and postcards from family and friends in which they talk a lot about how incredibly tough it must be for me and how sad they are for me and that they want to be there for me; which is exactly the kind of support I don’t need. I’m thinking of starting a blog as well, so I don’t have to spend hours each day talking to people who want to know how I’m doing (which is starting to get on my nerves).

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