Oct 15

Another Transfusion

Back Yard 2521, originally uploaded by Buck Cash.

On Friday, 10-12-12, I went in for labs and to see the oncologist. The labs showed my blood counts were low again, so upstairs to the 3rd floor we went for another 2 units of blood transfusions. Like last time, we decided to do it in the Family Room, which is more comfy than the hospital rooms.

Candace went and got a large pizza with everything for us to have for dinner.

Earlier today, Monday the 15th, I went to see a dentist to get X-Rays, exam and a letter for Karmanos saying I’m all set to go for the bone marrow transplant.

Coming up on Thursday, I’ve got a PET Scan, then on Friday I’ll do labs again, followed by a visit with the oncologist.

The fall colors burst like flames all around us, but now the bright oranges and reds have mostly turned to yellows and barren limbs again, and the air has chilled around us considerably.