Aug 27

Blood draw and last meeting with current Oncologist today

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This morning, sister Candace and I went to get a blood draw and meet with Dr. Vermuri (probably got the spelling wrong on that one) one last time. He’s retiring again after helping out for a couple months between my last oncologist moving to California and another one coming in permanently (we think) to take his place.

Anyway, they tapped into my port at the infusion center, got the blood draw, then we decided to leave the port in, just in case. Last week when we did this, I needed to get a blood transfusion after the doctor saw me, so they had to tap into it again. So this time we just left it in place, just in case it might be needed again before the end of the day.

After that, I went to see the Oncologist, and he looked me over, said things look fine, and that we’d schedule the next round of chemo for next week. It’s to be an out-patient type chemo, code-named R.I.C.E.+R. We’ll find out more about that the day before I get it when we meet with Practitioner Nurse Rene again.

Meanwhile, my blood counts looked good and my temperature didn’t spike, so I’m still out of the hospital, and apart from just taking my meds at home, I’m basically on vacation for a week here, with no appointments (unless I get a fever spike or something).

After I got the “all clear” from the doc, I went back to the Infusion Center and had them remove the needle from my port.  :)

In a nutshelll: All’s well here!