May 02

Bush – McCain Challenge

Pescadero Sandman, originally uploaded by Buck Cash.
The photo is one I shot years ago at Pescadero Beach on the California Coastline. It’s a really wonderful, magical place with a vast area of tide pools full of little creatures and life – all trying to eke out an existence. Lurking above them are these sandstone cliffs that are just… other-worldly looking.

I just happened across a few of those old images and started playing with them for no particular reason while listening to Bush’s latest bull-spin on the economy, and this is the result. Kinda spooky and scary, huh?

So, anyway here’s something you can try out. It’s the Bush-McCain Challenge. It’s sorta like the Coke-Pepsi challenge. You know how those work – you get a sample and then try to guess which product it is. Check it out:

Bush-McCain Challenge