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Mar 14

COP Four

photo of Buck with a beard

Thursday, 3-14-02. Another day, another chemo… I got the 4th in a series yesterday, the 3rd of March, so this morning I’m doing the “sick to my stomach” routine. Mom had a good idea though yesterday that I’m testing this morning. I took a Torecan as soon as my eyes opened at about 3:40AM, but …

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Mar 08

Tooning Up

chemo cartoon by Buck Cash

Friday, 3-8-02. Hi all! Your friendly neighborhood Buckster again here, and feeling nice and perky too, I must say! My guess is that it’s because (drum roll please…) I’m 100% OFF the Morphine now! Yaaaaaay! I was real glad that it got rid of the pain in my leg from the clot, but boy did …

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Feb 21

‘Nudder COP

cartoon image of driver by Buck Cash

Thursday, 2-21-02. Another day in paradise… Betcha thought I forgot about ya, huh? Not a chance! I’ve just been really, really busy lately. First of all, I’ve been getting a lot of rest. On top of that, I’ve been practicing my snoring habits extensively. Also, I’ve been checking my eyelids for holes a lot. OK, …

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Feb 09


med scan smiley

Saturday, 2-09-02, and yesterday I got my CAT Scan.    The doc wanted it done from my abdomen down to my leg, in order to see if there’s anything going on in there that we don’t know about yet that could be preventing the blood clot in my leg from dissolving as quickly as it …

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Jan 30

Two Cops Walk Into A Bar…

smile smiley gif

It’s now Wednesday, 1-30-02, and yesterday I got my second chemo treatment which, as you may recall, is composed of: Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), Oncovin and Prednisone. This morning, I woke up about 7:45am and the first thing I did was get sick. Paulette (my step-mom) had put a bucket for me to use near the bed …

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Jan 09

Chemo Man

Wednesday morning, 1-9-02. I got my first chemotherapy treatment yesterday, and things seem to be going really well. I suffered no ill side effects, like nausea, during the administering of the drugs or afterwards, even up to now, as I write this, a little over 12 hours later. The appointment was rather late in the …

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