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Oct 14

4 Month Checkup


10-14-2014 – Today I had my 4 month checkup.  Actually, it started almost 2 weeks ago, on October 2nd, when I got a CT scan.  Today, I got the results of that scan, and a general checkup, starting with the usual LABs blood draw, so that my oncologist could assess those aspects of my health. …

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Mar 11

The CAT Says…

Image of CAT Scan Detail

March 11th, 2004. Off we go to the doc’s office to find out what the CAT says! Well, that’s what we did yesterday. Now, this is the kind of thing that really tests whether your glass is half full or half empty, as I’ll demonstrate. I had another CAT scan last Friday, March 5th. I’ve …

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Dec 18

The Party’s Over

Big Grin smiley in Santa hat

December 18th, 2003. Today I went back to the doctor to see what the test results revealed. The short version is, the remission is over, there’s a 4″ mass in my abdomen, and I’ll start Rituxan and chemo soon.

Dec 11

Check Please

December 11th, 2003. I went to see my new, local (San Francisco area) doctor yesterday to get my checkup. It was pretty much preliminary though, and there are tests Dr. da Roza will need to run to really dig in and see if he can find out if my remission is waning. We talked a …

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Oct 29

Just a CAT

October 29th, 2002. Hi friends! Yes, it’s been a while, but not to worry, I’m still feeling fine. Nothing really new has happened, so I haven’t had anything to really update you all on, that’s all. Yesterday though, I got another CAT Scan, so I can tell you about that.

Feb 21

‘Nudder COP

cartoon image of driver by Buck Cash

Thursday, 2-21-02. Another day in paradise… Betcha thought I forgot about ya, huh? Not a chance! I’ve just been really, really busy lately. First of all, I’ve been getting a lot of rest. On top of that, I’ve been practicing my snoring habits extensively. Also, I’ve been checking my eyelids for holes a lot. OK, …

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Feb 09


med scan smiley

Saturday, 2-09-02, and yesterday I got my CAT Scan.    The doc wanted it done from my abdomen down to my leg, in order to see if there’s anything going on in there that we don’t know about yet that could be preventing the blood clot in my leg from dissolving as quickly as it …

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Nov 10

How I found out I have cancer

It all started in October of 2001 when I thought I was coming down with a cold or the flu. I get that every year in the fall when it’s going around, so I did what I always do. I bought some over the counter meds like Alka-Seltzer Plus and Comtrex. Only this time they didn’t seem to work. Instead of feeling better, I just felt worse every day. A lot worse.