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Mar 28

A Bit Of A Medi-Lapse

3-28-15 – This past month or so since my last update had a few notable things happen. The first is that my daily chemotherapy drug, Imbruvica, stopped being delivered.  To recall the situation, the drug costs about $11,000.00 per month, which is kind of expensive.  Since I don’t have anywhere near that kind of money, Johnson & …

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Feb 19

Clear PET, Crippling Meds


2-19-15 – I had my PET scan as scheduled, and saw my oncologist yesterday about it.  She said it was all clear, went over the day’s LABS, gave me the regular exam, and said she’d see me in another 4 months, on Thursday, June 18th.  So, still in remission here. Today, I saw my regular …

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Jan 23

Long Time, No Update

1-23-2015 – Well, gee whiz…  Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess!  Can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since my last update!  Where does the time go?!  It’s been so long, I don’t even remember all that’s happened, but I’ll try to hit the main points. I guess the first thing is that …

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Oct 14

4 Month Checkup


10-14-2014 – Today I had my 4 month checkup.  Actually, it started almost 2 weeks ago, on October 2nd, when I got a CT scan.  Today, I got the results of that scan, and a general checkup, starting with the usual LABs blood draw, so that my oncologist could assess those aspects of my health. …

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Jun 14

Another Happy Father’s Day


6-14-2014 – Father’s Day is tomorrow, and I’m happy to be around for it! Recent medical stuff for me included a PET scan about a week ago, and then a followup with the oncologist a week later to review the results of it and LAB work on my blood.  The short story is that everything …

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Jan 08

Slipping Out Of Detroit


1-8-2014 – Hello again, and a Happy New Year to you all!  My last year was great, and I expect the new one will be too! Mom and I took another drive down to Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit a couple of days ago, on Monday, for my regularly scheduled appointment.  The roads were clear …

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Dec 11

Study Time Is Over


12-11-2013 – Had another visit to the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit a couple days ago, on Monday, the 9th.  It was a VERY early appointment this time, 9:AM.  I tried to reschedule it for a later time, but they couldn’t work it out, so we were stuck with it.  That meant that we had …

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Nov 28

Thumbs Up!


11-27-2013 – So, it turns out I’ve been a bit remiss about a timely update (again).  I actually had my latest visit to Karmanos a little over two weeks ago, and have been meaning to blog an update ever since, but I’m just getting to it tonight. I’m gonna blame… um… my thumb.  Yeah, that’ll …

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Oct 21

12 Year Anniversary With Cancer


10-20-2013 – Another month since the last Karmanos visit, and another year with cancer. Every year in October, I’m reminded that it was nearing Halloween when I got so deathly ill and found out I have cancer.  It’s always struck me as an interesting coincidence that this time of the year, with the ghouls and …

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Sep 17

Karmanos and My Sore Thumb

Hilltop Restaurant Elk

9-17-2013 – Well, another 28 days has gone by since my last visit to Karmanos, so it was time for another trip to Detroit yesterday to assess how things are going. My appointment was at 9:AM, so mom and I left early on our road trip; about 3:45 AM, actually.  Traffic snarled us up as …

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