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Feb 19

Clear PET, Crippling Meds


2-19-15 – I had my PET scan as scheduled, and saw my oncologist yesterday about it.  She said it was all clear, went over the day’s LABS, gave me the regular exam, and said she’d see me in another 4 months, on Thursday, June 18th.  So, still in remission here. Today, I saw my regular …

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Jun 14

Another Happy Father’s Day


6-14-2014 – Father’s Day is tomorrow, and I’m happy to be around for it! Recent medical stuff for me included a PET scan about a week ago, and then a followup with the oncologist a week later to review the results of it and LAB work on my blood.  The short story is that everything …

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Jan 08

Slipping Out Of Detroit


1-8-2014 – Hello again, and a Happy New Year to you all!  My last year was great, and I expect the new one will be too! Mom and I took another drive down to Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit a couple of days ago, on Monday, for my regularly scheduled appointment.  The roads were clear …

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Dec 11

Study Time Is Over


12-11-2013 – Had another visit to the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit a couple days ago, on Monday, the 9th.  It was a VERY early appointment this time, 9:AM.  I tried to reschedule it for a later time, but they couldn’t work it out, so we were stuck with it.  That meant that we had …

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Jul 23

A New Drug

Photo of Ibrutinib drug

7-23-2013 Quite a lot’s happened since my last update which, in a way, is why I haven’t had an update recently. First of all, I learned WordPress at, where I do most of my online learning these days (actually, for the past several years), and decided to move all my old journal entries and …

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Mar 21

Rituxi-CHOP 4

Cancer Cartoon by Buck Cash

March 21st, 2004. Sorry for the late update, but I’ve been a bit out of it the last few days from the treatments, I guess. Especially the Prednisone. That stuff is just plain no fun at all for me. It doesn’t let me sleep more than a few hours at a time usually, and it …

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Mar 13

PET Detective

Radiation Warning Label Image

March 13th, 2004. Getting a PET Scan was a very interesting experience! By the way, PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography, which I thought was interesting in itself. Delia scheduled my PET Scan for Saturday, March 13th, at noon. The next day, the hospital staff where it was to be done called and asked if …

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