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Jun 06

6 Month Stem Cell Transplant Checkup

Photo of Big Boy Restaurant by Buck Cash

6-6-2013 – It’s now been 6 months since my stem cell transplant, so it was time to visit Karmanos in Detroit again for a checkup. Mom and I took a ride down on Tuesday morning and got to the Detroit area about noonish. We picked up my sister Trudy and went to lunch at Checkers …

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May 21

Colonoscopy Day

Polyp 0116, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Okay, so today I had my first ever colonoscopy. Seeing as how I’m 54 years old, it’s a common thing for guys my age anyway, but mine was triggered by something spotted on my recent PET scan, which was a follow-up to my Stem Cell Transplant for my …

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Sep 18

Baker Beach Photo Shoot

Those of you who know me are aware that I’m into photography as a hobby. This past week, I waited anxiously for the arrival of some new Cokin neutral density filters to arrive by UPS. They showed up yesterday, and I immediately packed up my gear for an expedition to Baker Beach in San Francisco …

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Aug 08

Adventure Man!

Image of Buck hiking

8-8-04 Hi everyone! Didya miss me? LOL! Well, I guess I’m just hard to catch! Especially with my new backpack strapped on, I’ve been off and RUNNING! I’m still doing fantastic here, and I’ve been off having adventures this summer with my daughter, Casey. You might recall from the last update that I had a …

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Jun 14

Hair I Am!


6-14-04 Hey there everyone! Long time no write, eh? Sorry about that, but you can probably guess why. I’ve been feeling great and out having FUN! You know what they say… Life is short. Play hard! I finally got around to visiting the Big Sur area of California, and what a beautiful area! It was …

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Mar 22


Image of scanner

March 22nd, 2004. Today was biopsy day for me at Washington Memorial Hospital, where a doctor, some nurses and a few technicians worked together to pull some pieces off Marvin to have a look at the little bugger. It had it’s ups and downs, but overall, I’d prefer not to have to do this very …

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Mar 21

Rituxi-CHOP 4

Cancer Cartoon by Buck Cash

March 21st, 2004. Sorry for the late update, but I’ve been a bit out of it the last few days from the treatments, I guess. Especially the Prednisone. That stuff is just plain no fun at all for me. It doesn’t let me sleep more than a few hours at a time usually, and it …

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Mar 11

The CAT Says…

Image of CAT Scan Detail

March 11th, 2004. Off we go to the doc’s office to find out what the CAT says! Well, that’s what we did yesterday. Now, this is the kind of thing that really tests whether your glass is half full or half empty, as I’ll demonstrate. I had another CAT scan last Friday, March 5th. I’ve …

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Jan 29


Interesting apparatus, eh?

January 29th, 2004. Here we go with Chemo treatment CHOP #2, so take one of the cushy chairs, sit back and see what happens! I’ve got some pics this time so you can see me getting it, and in particular, so you can see the bright red chemical I described in my earlier update.

Jan 28

Going, going…

photo of balding Buck

January 28th, 2004. Ever since I got CHOP chemo #1 of this series (three weeks ago tomorrow) I’ve been seeing more and more hair in my comb each day. First, there was a burning sensation on my scalp. I figured it was probably my hair follicles going whacko on me, indicating it was about to …

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