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Nov 01

Transplant Schedule Determined

Pulmonary Testing Booth 0203, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Yesterday, I had to go in for several tests at Karmanos so that the doctor could determine what, how and when my stem cell transplant would proceed. I had chest X-Rays, a full set of Labs, echo-cardiogram, EKG, and a pulmonary exam. The phone booth looking …

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Oct 28

Labs, but no blood this time

Bucks Blood Transfusion 0193, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Last Tuesday, 10-23-2012, I went in for Labs again (like pretty much every week). My blood counts the week before were kinda low, but not quite enough to need a transfusion. We figured by the time Tuesday rolled around, they’d be low enough again to need …

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Oct 20

Dentist, PET Scan, Labs & Bone Marrow Biopsy

The Awakening 8258, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Had a pretty busy week this past week. It started with a trip to the dentist last Monday, 10-15-2012, to get an exam, X-rays and a letter clearing me for treatment at Karmanos for the Bone Marrow Transplant that we’re gearing up for. That went well, and …

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Oct 15

Another Transfusion

Back Yard 2521, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. On Friday, 10-12-12, I went in for labs and to see the oncologist. The labs showed my blood counts were low again, so upstairs to the 3rd floor we went for another 2 units of blood transfusions. Like last time, we decided to do it in the …

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Oct 04

We have a WINNER!!!

Patsy_Birthday-1085, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Karmanos, the folks that will be doing my bone marrow transplant, called my sisters yesterday to pass on the news that our sister Trudy (seated in the photo) is a match and will be my donor!! It was very exciting news – so much that when she told me …

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Sep 27

A week’s Delay on the Chemo

Buck 2460, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. I was scheduled to be admitted to the hospital for my next round of R.I.C.E. Chemo this past Tuesday. Before I get admitted though, I get labs done, then see the oncologist. The labs showed that my platelets are low, so Dr. Vermuri thought it best if we …

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Sep 19

Casey and Mark introduce Michael

Michael-44, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. My grandson Michael was born yesterday, September 18th, 2012. Yay! Mom and son are healthy, happy and terrific! On Monday, I went in for another MUGA scan. On Tuesday, I had labs, then a visit with Renae, who noted that my counts were WAY low. With that, Candace and …

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Sep 13

Out of bed – Energy’s Good!

Hospital 4699, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. A few days ago, on Monday the 10th, I went in for a blood draw/labs, a shot of Neulasta as part of my chemo treatment, and a visit with nurse practioner Renae. An hour before I go to get blood draws for labs to be run, I put …

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Sep 08

First R.I.C.E. chemo complete

Bald Eagle 1269, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Spent 3 days in the hospital getting another round of chemo (R.I.C.E.), and got home last night. Feeling just a little nauseated, but not enough to need any special meds to deal with it. Saw a bald eagle flying around over the bay from my 3rd story …

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Sep 04

The Day Before RICE Chemo

Yellow Flower 2040, originally uploaded by Buck Cash. Went in for a follow-up visit with the infectious disease doctor today about the bug I had in my colon that put me in the hospital last time. He put me on a new med for the next month and said everything’s looking good. Also got labs …

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