Feb 04

February is okay with me!

Well, here we are in the month of February, and not much has changed here with me. I’m still feeling terrific and getting along fine, so it’s all good.

Just thought I’d throw a quick update out here.


  1. Anonymous

    Glad to hear you are feeling terrific!

  2. Deborah Burns

    Been following along with you through all of your trials and tribulations for quite some time now.
    Just read today that your Grandmother passed away, and simply wanted to extend my condolences.
    Grannys are such ‘special’ people!
    Maybe you will be able to share a memory or two with us all….
    May all the memories forever and always keep granny close in your heart.
    Deb Burns
    PS. Couldn’t leave a ‘comment’ on the “Grandmother” blog you left…no idea as to why, so I hope you get this message.
    Take care..

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