May 11

Full of LIFE!

May 11th, 2003.

Howdy, howdy, HOWDY!!

Yeah, I know… It’s been WAY too long since my last update, and you’re all wondering what the heck happened to me. Sorry about that, but I feel GREAT, and I decided to get out there (yes – outside!!) and LIVE LIFE.

So, I negotiated a terrific salary and benefits with a former employer who’s glad to have me back on board after my bout with the beast, and took a great job with them.

I packed up all my stuff in a rental truck, bid my stepmother many thanks, and set off from Detroit, Michigan to San Francisco, California. It took me about 4 days to drive it, and I had to spend the night at Donner Pass because a snowstorm kept me from coming down the mountain for a while. Thankfully, I didn’t have to eat anyone to stay alive! I just checked into a Holiday Inn instead. I got here on April 7th, and along the way, I took a bunch of pictures (mostly through the windshield):

I’m busily looking around for a nice place to live in the East Bay area (East of San Francisco Bay), since that’s where my office is. Meanwhile, I’m in a room at a Holiday Inn, which isn’t too bad at all, since I have a broadband connection in my room (essential for a geek like me – hehehe).

I had to transition from that starving artist cartoonist, long-haired, bearded, scruffy, hermit character I’d been cultivating, back to the corporate image they’re used to seeing in business meetings, so I got a banker-type haircut, shaved off the beard, trimmed the mustache, strapped on a watch and prepared to join the business world again:

Buck relaxing

After wearing pretty much nothing but joggers and sweats for over a year, I’m back to khaki Dockers and golf shirts. A lot of my clothes are still in storage till I find a suitable place to live, so I’ve been doing a lot of clothes shopping lately. I’ve bought probably about a dozen new pairs of pants and as many new shirts, a comfy new pair of Rockport shoes and accessories. I don’t know what it is, but new clothes make me feel new right along with them, and it feels pretty good.

I gotta tell ya… it’s GREAT to be back to work, on the move, exploring a new place, having a schedule and just generally feeling VITAL again! It’s invigorating and exciting!

I LOVE the scenery out here – all of it! The geology of the mountains, the Bay, the city itself. The architecture of the buildings is simply wonderful! (You may not know this about me, but in high school I had aspirations to be an architect. Just another side of my artistic streak, combined with my engineer streak, no doubt.) Anyway, I’ve got my eye on a new digital camera, which will make Casey happy, since she’ll get my old one – hehehe! I’ll need it, since I anticipate spending a lot of time out on photo-shoot expeditions anywhere and everywhere within a day’s drive or so of where I am. Oh man, I can hardly wait to get that cool new toy!!

I’m also all wound up about getting back into SCUBA diving. I’ve missed it so much, I can’t even tell you. So far, I’ve gone diving in the Atlantic, the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico and assorted lakes and rivers all over the place. Now I want to add various spots along the Pacific coast to that list. I’ve always liked SCUBAPRO gear, and now they have these ultra-cool computerized diving tools. Ahhh yes, there’s nothing like combining one’s hobbies for the ultimate in adventure and fun! To that end, I’m sure I can find a dive housing for my new digital camera to replace the one I’ve used up till now for my underwater photo shoots as well.

Does this just keep getting better, or what?! But wait! Don’t answer yet! We’re also going to throw in…

Amusement parks!! That’s right! I love roller coasters, and now that I’m out on the left coast, there’s a whole bunch of world-class coasters I haven’t ridden yet, like Superman Ultimate Escape, Goliath and Scream! WOO HOO!!! Of course, Casey will be out this summer to hold my hand so I’m not scared! LOL!!! 😀

Near enough to spend some weekends are National Parks with giant Sequoia trees, the biggest living things on the planet, deserts, mountains, lakes, oceans and everything in between. Now I ask ya… Who’s got time for cancer when there’s so much fun stuff to see and DO???!!! :)

As a matter of fact, what the heck are you doing sitting there reading this? Get out there and LIVE some LIFE!!! 😉  You can always email me about your adventures (both in and out of the cancer ward) when you get back. Hey! It’s been great, but…

I gotta GO!!!