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Immunizations and Bike Rides

8-1-2013 – Hi again!

So, part of my road to recovery after the stem cell transplant is getting immunization shots, just like when we’re kids.  I had to wait a few months after the transplant to start that, and had my first ones almost two months ago.  The plan was to get more every two months until I’ve got them all, and that next set would then be due on about August 6th, which is just a few days away.

Of course, in the meantime, I’ve started this new clinical trial, and I don’t know how that might affect the immunization schedule.  So, I called my oncologist’s office today to pass along to her that the date’s coming up, but I am on the clinical trial, so she might want to consult with the folks down at Karmanos to figure it out, and let me know.

Speaking of the clinical trial, I’ve been on the drug now for just over a week.  I’ve kept rigorously to my fasting and pill-taking schedule.  The good news is that I’m experiencing no side effects that I can detect.  The bad news is that it hasn’t caused me to gain any superpowers either.  😀  I guess it’s all good.

Meanwhile, I got a call from the coordinator for the clinical trial a few days ago rescheduling my next appointment there for a few days earlier than I was told.  Now, I don’t personally have a problem with that.  It’s not like I have anywhere else I need to be.  But it’s really a bummer because so many people around me planned out their schedules based on the original date, and now that’s changed, so everyone else will need to change with it.  There’s a ripple effect.

Like there’s my mom.  She drives down with me, and we take her car.  I don’t know if she had any plans for the few days before my appointment, but they’re cancelled now.  And anyone she had plans WITH has to revise theirs as well, and so on, and so on, and so on.  There’s my dear aunt Aggie, whom we stay with while we’re down there, because a motel stay would kill me financially.  Whatever plans she might have had for those few days before the date originally given may now have to be changed, and those who might have been a part of those plans also have to change and, again, and so on, and so on, and so on.  And then there’s my daughter, her significant other, and their kids.  His son, who’s visiting, was scheduled to go back with us on a particular date.  To pull that off, his family in the Detroit area had to arrange their schedules to be there to receive him, and the people that were involved in those schedules are now affected as well, and so on.  So, if his mom, for instance, arranged to have someone else take her shift for that day, that person rearranged their schedule to do it.  Now, she and anyone else involved need to do it all over again.

Ripple effects.  See?  It’s not just about me – it’s about LOTS of people being affected.

Anyway, it was a little exasperating to get that phone call and realize the significance of it, when the coordinator, while mouthing sympathy, didn’t seem to really understand the problem.  Anyway, I don’t want to seem ungrateful.  After all, this is a potential life-saving thing for me, so I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I just hate to cause a lot of inconvenience and stress in others over it all, ya know?  It kind of stressed me out.

Moving on…

Here’s something I hadn’t mentioned yet in my blog: I got a new bike.  Doc said to keep up my exercise, so I got a bike to get around our little town and to get some fresh air and exercise.  She’s a beaut too:

photo of Buck's bicycle

The saddlebag is big enough to carry my camera with me, which is great.  There’s a new, paved bike path that runs between Alanson and Petoskey that’s pretty nice.  I’m not sure it goes all the way between them, but it’s at least most of the way.  It’s not quite finished yet, but close enough.

My granddaughter Gracie and I take a little ride on our bikes once in a while down the dirt road to the river locks, and that’s always fun.

So, I guess that’s about it for now.  Will update again soon.  😀


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