Oct 28

Labs, but no blood this time

Bucks Blood Transfusion 0193, originally uploaded by Buck Cash.
Last Tuesday, 10-23-2012, I went in for Labs again (like pretty much every week). My blood counts the week before were kinda low, but not quite enough to need a transfusion. We figured by the time Tuesday rolled around, they’d be low enough again to need one, so I was all prepared for it.

Happy surprise though: My counts were back up, so I didn’t need a transfusion this time! Yay! I’ve gained a little weight in the last few weeks too.

Since then, we’ve gotten word from our contact at Karmanos that they’ve got all the lab work, x-rays, PET scans and so forth, and things are looking SO good that I might actually be able to provide my own blood / stem cells for the bone marrow transplant BACK to myself. Gotta love modern science!!

We’re scheduled for a visit to Karmanos next Wednesday for more Labs, tests, etc., and I’ll visit with the Doc there to find out what the next step is and get some schedules worked up.

The photo for this blog post is of me getting my most recent blood transfusion (2 units / bags), on Friday, 10-12-2012. You can just make out the hose from the IV snaking up into my shirt, where it’s plugged into the port that’s installed in my chest, though you might have to click the photo and then view the larger version on Flickr to actually see it (not that it’s much to see!! ┬áLOL!!).

Anyway, I’ll post again after our visit to Karmanos, unless something else comes up before then.

All’s well here! ; )