Mar 03


March 3rd, 2004.

Went to see the doc today for his assessment midway through this chemo regimen (3 down & 3 to go!), and he says it looks like I’m doing pretty good. Blood counts look good, lymph nodes don’t seem to be enlarging, and so on, so we’re feeling pretty confident. He’s scheduled me for a CAT scan this Friday afternoon, March 5th to see if the mass in my abdomen is shrinking as it should. I picked up the special juice for it at the lab down the street, and headed home.

I’ll see him again next Wednesday, March 10th, to tell me what the CAT scan revealed, and to schedule my next rounds of Rituxan and chemo.

I’ve got some kind of sinus infection or something going on here though that’s splitting my brain in two! I’m taking some meds for it, but MAN! I spent a restless night tossing and turning and snot running out of my head, congested, chest aching, sweating, and so on. Today, I’m feeling pretty dead from it all, especially the lack of rest.

When I got home from the doc and lab visits, I went straight to bed to try to get some sleep. I’m feeling really beat. It was more of the same as the night before though – not much rest, and lots of aggravation. I’ll be glad when this is over.