Dec 30

Nuke Me!

December 30th, 2003.

Today I went to get my Nuclear Heart Scan, also known as a “MUGA”. Here’s a page about it:

Nuclear Ventriculography It was pretty interesting. After checking me in at the hospital’s front desk, they sent me down to the nuclear lab for the test. There, they installed an IV and drew some blood. Then they took the blood to the nuclear radiation lab and irradiated it with nuclear isotopes. They let it ‘cook’ a while, then injected it back into me so my blood would ‘glow’. Hehehe.

Once they had me ‘glowing’, they put me on a narrow table/gurney and wheeled me under a camera device that sort of resembled an X-Ray machine, with it’s big, square, flat panel hanging down from an overhead arm, no doubt full of wires and cables and whatnot.

Then they had me lie still for about 15 minutes at a time while they shot pictures of my heart from various angels, rotating and repositioning the flat panel each time.

When they’d finished making videos of my beating, pumping heart muscle, they sat me back up, pulled the IV, and sent me on my way with well wishes. All of the hospital staff were very friendly and overall it was a pleasant and interesting experience.

My next appointment is for 8:30am next Wednesday, January 7th, for a Rituxan treatment. The next day, on the 8th at 8:30am, I’ll do a chemo treatment. Then on the following Wednesday, the 14th, I’ll visit the doc again so he can assess the situation and set up the rest of my treatment schedules.

Tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve, so have a great New Year everyone! I know I will!!