Jan 14

Round Two

January 14th, 2004.

I went back to the doc today for a quick checkup, blood draw and analysis, and to get the next part of my schedule. Mom’s out here now, so she went to meet the doc and his staff, who she agreed are all very nice people. The blood draw went a little differently than usual this time. Usually, it’s a poke in the arm with a syringe, followed by filling a vial or two of Buck juice. This time it was just a quick little pick in the end of my finger, like for a diabetes test, then she squoze out what she needed into a tiny little vial that sort of looked and worked like an eyedropper.

After that, the doc looked me over, felt the nodes in my neck, and set up the next part of my schedule. Here it is:

  1. Wednesday, 1-28-04 – A Rituxan treatment in the hospital across the street from the doc’s office.
  2. Thursday, 1-29-04 – A second round of CHOP chemo in the doc’s office.
  3. Wednesday, 2-11-04 – Another visit with the doc to do it again.

Yeah, the Rituxan will be in the hospital, where they have all the personnel and equipment ready to deal with any anomaly I might throw at them. Plus, he wants them to drip it in oh, so slowly, and he said his office isn’t open long enough in a day to do it. Translation: It’s going to be a really loooooong day leashed to the IV, so I better get a good breakfast and bring snacks and stuff to read and all that!

All in all, I’m still feeling pretty good here. Like the last time I did chemo, it made me nauseated for the first couple of mornings after the treatment, but not too bad. I took the pills to calm it down and was still able to go to work. Oh, and my fingers and thumbs are starting to tingle from it, like last time. But that’s about it. My hair hasn’t begun to fall out yet, and I decided not to shave it off until and if it does. I mean, look what happened last time they said it would fall out from chemo… I had a pony tail by the time it was over! LOL!