Jun 08

Strengthen the clean energy bill

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Powerful oil and coal interests have had a stranglehold on our energy policy, demanding loopholes, bailouts, and giveaways from taxpayers. They’ve won concessions in the energy bill to preserve their profits and weaken the bill’s ability to deliver on the full promise of clean energy jobs.

But now, progressives are coming together to push back. MoveOn has joined with groups across the progressive movement, from the Sierra Club to ACORN to Oxfam to Rock the Vote, to tell Congress to stand strong against the special interests that seek to weaken the clean energy bill at every turn.

We can strengthen and improve this bill, if progressive leaders in Congress will join our fight. Can you sign MoveOn’s petition to Congress?

I want clean energy and I want the jobs that go with it available to myself and my fellow Americans. Join in by signing the petition here:



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  1. Anonymous

    You really shouldnt buy into all of the Obama propoganda. Cap & Trade will result in a net loss of jobs not an increase.

  2. Buckster

    Who’s propaganda should I buy into? The conservative Republicans and the captains of industry they serve? The same ones that fucked us all up as they raped the middle class? Thanks anyway – we’ve already seen where that gets us.

    What we need is a path to the energy future and the jobs that will need to be created to serve it.

  3. Deb Burns

    I voted ‘yes’ on the energy prop!
    Just curious if you were able to get out and vote Buck?

  4. Buckster

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure where I’d be on voting day, so I prepped for that by getting an absentee ballot and mailing it in.

    I ALWAYS vote! :)

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