Aug 26

Sunset Backyard 0201

Sunset Backyard 0201, originally uploaded by Buck Cash.

It’s been a while since I updated, and I’m sorry about that. So what I’ll do here is post the updates in one post, with dates for when I wrote them down, to get up to date here.

Been in hospital since Tuesday gettting intense chemo treatments. Will be here a few more days it looks like before I can get home for a week or two, then do it again. Had kind of a rough night last night – pertty tired today.

No real complaints though. Up on the third floor in a room with a fantastic view over the bay for sunsets, the food is good, the people are friendly and helpful.

Hanging in there.

7 days in a hospital bed so far gettting chemo, and I’m literally crapping blood here – quite a lot of it. They say that’s to be expected because of the sores it’s opening up from my lips to my butthole as it breaks down my immune system.

2 more Rituxan treatments over the next two days and then maybe I can go home for a few days before starting this up again – won’t know till they can assess the situation.

Originally, this was supposed to be a 3 to 4 day hospital stay for an intense chemo treatment. It’s now going into day 13, and no idea when it will end. Things have gotten more complicated than anticipated.

I’ve got “a bug in my blood” according to the infectious disease doctor. It’s name is Graham something-or-other. My temperature swings throughout the day and night from normal 98.6 up to about 102.7, at which point I pretty much crash and burn (and sweat a puddle).

In all the days since the 4th day I was here, when we expected I’d probably be going home, I’ve been getting I don’t know how many blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, and infusions of at least 4 different antibiotics to keep it from taking me out, now that the chemo has wiped out my immune system completely to zero.

It’s an ongoing battle. For two days, I was just totally wiped out while it kicked my ass. Now it’s back to sometimes I’m winning, sometimes it’s winning, throughout the day as the battle rages inside me. When it’s winning, I’m wiped out totally, can’t focus long enough to read through a sentence – brain function collapse, and when I’m winning, I feel like my regular, lucid self, like right this minute.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m starting to sweat, and I feel like I gotta take a dump. Shoot.

Still in hospital, 3 weeks tomorrow. DVT (clot) in left arm now, and lots of pain with it. PICC line is now pulled because of it so back to IV and needle blood draws.

7-11-2012 – Casey’s birthday
Got out of the hospital today after 22 days of chemo, blood draws, complications, fevers, chills, sweats, pain, a blood clot, drastic weight loss, drastic weight gain, countless blood and platelet infusions, same with antibiotic infusions, blood draws, blood cultures, urine samples, stool samples, measuring how much I pee 24/7, 12-15 different pills per day, self-injecting a couple of different meds in syringes daily, and like that.

I’m home now, and ready for a break!

Will continue the multi-updates in the next post.