Jun 09

Sure had an appetite today!

Buck on 20120609 1315, originally uploaded by Buck Cash.

I haven’t had much of an appetite for the last few weeks. Yesterday, I was a bit queasy and didn’t really feel like eating much at all. The day before that, not much either. Some days, all I can manage is a single yogurt and a piece of fruit, or something like that.

Today though, my appetite came storming back, as soon as I woke up this morning!

So far today (it ain’t over yet!) I’ve had 2 yogurts, a large orange, a burrito with cheese, a full plate of supper that included Salisbury steak, noodles and corn, an ice cream sandwich, and half a sausage with egg McMuffin that was left over because I couldn’t finish it yesterday.

It seems like the lump in my neck has gone down a little, and I can hear a little better on that side again!

I did the trick with splitting the Prednisone pills in half and stuffing them down into the empty gel caps again, and it’s so awesome to be able to get those things down without tasting them! Man! I should have thought of that 11 years ago!


  1. Anonymous

    Glad you had an appetite. What kind of NHL did you have?
    Couldn’t quite find it in the blogs… Missed it…
    Take care wishing you great days ahead… I also left a comment in previous post…

  2. Deb Burns

    I’ve been following along side of you since several years ago when I first ran across your blog. I plopped you into my “favorites” on AOL, and over the years I’ve watched you kick the cancers ass, grow into a phenominal photographer, and even watch your daughter grow up! It’s been fun, but also – and too many times I have cried as I would read your blog. There’s just something about your story/journey that can bring me to tears. Like now, I got to STOP.
    I just wanted to drop in to say HI again, and send some well wishes your way. It’s August 25th now, and I will be antisipating your next update with some hopefully OK news.
    Thinking of you in Clinton Twp!

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