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Feb 21

‘Nudder COP

cartoon image of driver by Buck Cash

Thursday, 2-21-02. Another day in paradise… Betcha thought I forgot about ya, huh? Not a chance! I’ve just been really, really busy lately. First of all, I’ve been getting a lot of rest. On top of that, I’ve been practicing my snoring habits extensively. Also, I’ve been checking my eyelids for holes a lot. OK, …

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Jan 26

Clot, Part Deux!

image of clot in vein

Saturday, 1-26-02, and it appears I spoke too soon in my last update. On Thursday evening, 1-24-02, after I’d posted my last update, I started to feel something in my left leg. Not really pain; More like pressure. I could tell it was associated with the Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot). That night, as I …

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Jan 05

The Clot!

image of hypodermic needle

It’s now Saturday morning, 1-5-02. It’s only been a couple of days since my last update, but a new development made it kinda necessary, at least in my mind. And since I’m running the show here, an update it is! You may recall that in the last update, I had a new pain. This one …

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