Oct 20

Things are shaping up again

After a couple days of feeling crappy, with a stuffy head, dripping nose, scratchy throat, headache, etc, I’m actually feeling a lot better today. Still coughing up some phlegm, but at least it doesn’t hurt to do it anymore.

I see that Plamegate is reaching up into Dick Cheney’s office now, and there’s even talk that Dick might resign. Other insiders are comparing notes and timelines, and drawing the obvious conclusion that Bush has known about this whole thing and who’s involved for years now, and possibly even from the beginning. Of course, that means he’s also involved in the whole cover-up, though few are saying it out loud yet. Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s coming. After all, how can this reach right up to Karl Rove, his closest advisor, and Scooter Libby, who works for ‘Tricky Dick’ Cheney, without the prez and vice-prez knowing and probably in cahoots over the whole thing?

You know, this is all very reminiscent of Nixon and Watergate. Remember, Agnew resigned? Then, as the evidence reached up to touch ol’ ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon himself, he did the same? In fact, I read a history of Karl Rove a couple of days ago, and it turns out that he was actually involved with both this and the Watergate scandal, not to mention a host of other dirty political tricks he’s dirtied himself, the Republican party, American politics and the American people with over the years. That’s a hell of a career.

By the way, is Judy Miller really, really stupid, or is it that she really, really thinks we are? I mean, either she’s in bed with this administration, which means she’s not a reporter, but a hack, or she’s so freaking stupid that she let them use her like a $2 whore and even went to jail to protect them for it. Considering her coverage leading up to the war, I think it’s pretty clear which, and it involves her yelling, “Yes, you right-wing power-brokers! Give it to me harder! I LOVE IT LIKE THAT!!”

Speaking of $2 whores, Bill O’Reilly’s even talking about retiring rather than renewing his contract when it comes up. It looks to me like online blogs are kicking his ass using his own big mouth, and apparently it stings quite a bit. I hope Hannity and Limbaugh are paying attention…

Hey, here’s something to really get your “Holy Shit!” factor up: Lawrence Wilkerson, Powell’s ex-top aid and government military guy forever, KNOWS a lot more than we do about what’s going on in the White House, and he’s talking about it: “A Secretive Cabal Running American Foreign Policy is Undermining American Democracy”. Check out the video at:


Meanwhile, Tom Delay’s now got a mug shots and fingerprints, a holy-roller evangelical has been nominated to the Supreme Court to vote against Roe v. Wade, so that women can go back to back-alley abortions (and wasn’t THAT fun?!), the Republican party is coming apart at the seams, and global warming has produced a record number and strength of hurricanes this year while Bush flips the bird at anything that even smells like Kyoto, while throwing open the doors to industry being able to pollute even more and get away with it.

That’s quite a plan they’ve got going on. I can hardly wait to see what’s next.