Oct 04

We have a WINNER!!!

Patsy_Birthday-1085, originally uploaded by Buck Cash.
Karmanos, the folks that will be doing my bone marrow transplant, called my sisters yesterday to pass on the news that our sister Trudy (seated in the photo) is a match and will be my donor!! It was very exciting news – so much that when she told me over the phone, I got all choked up and couldn’t even speak for a minute or two!

This morning, I got out of the hospital after another round of R.I.C.E. Chemo that started on Monday morning.

I’m feeling well and making plans to get down to Karmanos in Detroit, probably in about 3 weeks, if our tentative schedule from them holds up. Trudy is scheduled to go in next week to start the process. They’ll draw her blood and start processing it for the raw ingredients that will become my new bone marrow.


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  1. Deb Burns

    I’m utterly thrilled to have read that your sister is a perfect-oo match!!
    You say “Winner, I say W-I-N-N-I-N-G!!”
    Off to continue reading your latest posts!

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